About CravePHX

Welcome to Crave, your premier destination for vibrant and high-quality apparel celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Nestled in the heart of Phoenix, AZ, we are passionate about crafting unique and striking designs that embody diversity and self-expression.

At Crave, we embrace a dropshipping model that marries our creative designs with the efficiency of a trusted third-party supplier. This synergy enables us to provide an expansive selection of sizes and styles at prices that cater to everyone.

Fashion is more than just clothing—it’s a statement of empowerment and inclusivity. That’s why we pour our hearts into serving the LGBTQ+ community with fervor and pride. We invite all individuals to join us in this celebration of identity, offering a warm welcome to people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.

Thank you for choosing Crave as your fashion ally. Your support fuels our mission to deliver not just apparel, but a message of unity and strength. We’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey of style and significance.

  • Donate to One-N-Ten

    When you give to one·n·ten, you are helping us make a difference in the LGBTQ community. Many LGBTQ individuals feel lost, lonely, and hurt. Our goal is to provide a supportive community where they can heal, learn, and confidently live out their identity. Make a donation today and help an Arizona LGBTQ youth rise to their potential.

  • Shop Our Brand

    When you shop at Crave 5% of your purchase goes directly to One-N-Ten and you get an awesome product knowing that you gave back a great community that helps our youth!